Monday, December 22, 2008

Bella dancerella: Enchanted Tales

Over this past weekend we got together with some of our family for Christmas gatherings (more to come later in the week). My dad and stepmother gave Kyra a number of presents, including a toy called Bella dancerella: Enchanted Tales. The toy is one of the many Disney Princess items I see all over the place. We opened the toy up for Kyra to play with this morning. She absolutely loves it.

The toy comes in three parts; a DVD, a dance mat and a magical princess wand. The wand is actually magical and turns little brothers into frogs. Alright, maybe not... but it does light up in different colors and make different sounds based on which of three Disney Princesses the child chooses on a selector (Ariel, Aurora and Belle). The dance mat is not electronic and is just a guide to various foot placements during certain dances shown on the DVD. The DVD itself features live dancers in princess/ballet costumes along with clips from Disney films. They dance and sing six different Disney songs. It basically equates out to a aerobic workout for the child. Unlike the electronic dance games, the child isn't just stepping on sensors on a mat: they are working their entire body. It had my daughter dipping, stretching her arms up and moving all over the place.

The toy gets a big thumbs up from me as a parent and as for Kyra's review, just look at the expressions on her face as she danced to it this morning (note: the princess clothing didn't come with the toy being discussed; Kyra just wore it for the occasion). She's danced to it three times already today. Thanks Dad and Kathy!


Diana said...

Very cool! We may need to get one...sounds like a good antidote to cabin fever!

Alan said...

Hey, was hoping you get a chance to come to Robot Nine and play the Picture Puzzle today.


thebonebreaker said...

Sounds like my 4 year-old daughter would love this as well - I will have to remember this for her birthday :-)

Anonymous said...
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