Friday, November 14, 2008

Meet the Family: Kristy

This is my beautiful wife Kristy.

Unlike me, she has skills that are practical and that are more easily put to use. Currently, she's the bread winner in the family. Kristy is awesome with tools and built the shelves in the photo above in an attempt to get our movie collection under control.

Kristy and I met in 1997. We were fixed up by my dad, who had been her Sunday school teacher. See what happens when you send your daughters to church? They wind up married to creepy freaks like me. Speaking of which, we've been married since 2002. She's put up with 11 years of my crap and still hasn't run screaming for the hills, so I guess she's here to stay. How many women would put with their husband owning an actual coffin (I sold the second one I had) and mucking up the kitchen with stinky liquid latex, fake blood and other FX nastiness?

Besides making enough of living to support her husband staying at home to provide childcare and her abilities in DIY home improvements, Kristy is also musically inclined. She plays piano mostly, but I've lost count of the musical instruments in her collection. Luckily for me she also has an appreciation for horror movies and literature as well as enjoying taking trips to odd creepy locations with me, such as the time we spent the night in the Lizzie Borden house.

We have been parents since 2005 and are expecting another child in March of 2009.


thebonebreaker said...


My wife too is the bread winner of our family, and she has a knack with tools as well ;-)

We are currently traveling, as my wife (who is an Echocardiographer - Ultrasounds of the Heart) can make even more money traveling.
So I too am currently a stay home dad as well, homeschooling our children, etc.

Tom G said...

Have you been able to incorporate your travelling into your homeschooling? I imagine it would increase your range of possible field trips.

John Dedeke said...

You forgot to mention her impeccable taste in slippers. :)