Thursday, November 20, 2008

Car Accident

On Tuesday morning, Kristy got into a car accident on her way into work. Luckily, her and the baby are okay. She was going under 30 mph at the time and was buckled in. She was driving down a winding section of road when she saw cars stopped ahead (presumably due to another accident) and slowed down. Her car began sliding and spinning and she struck a guard rail twice, smashing the front and back on the driver side.

The insurance company decided to total the vehicle based on it's book value. Kristy wasn't very happy with what they are paying us for it. Luckily, we have a reliable second vehicle, so she's able to get back and forth to work. It just means that Kyra and I will be limited in travel for a bit and will miss playgroups at the local community family room. As soon as we get the money for the vehicle, we'll shop around for another car. It will likely not be as nice though. Oh well.
The important thing is that there were absolutely no injuries during the incident.


Douglas said...

Glad everyone's ok. Re: the insurance. The car looked like it was mostly body damage. If there was no damage to base structure, frame, or drive train, it might be possible to get some estimates and have it repaired for less than the writeoff. Sometimes, you can negotiate with the insurance to do this. OTOH, if you are looking to get a replacement anyway, ignore my advice since it only applies if there is an attachment to the vehicle. Insurance companies *always* give you low wholesale Bluebook. Not much you can do about that.

Michael said...


This blog is amazing. I love the familial tone you add to almost all your posts and I wish your mother Kyra and Elijah all the best and better luck in the future that doesn't involve car accidents.

And thank you for following my blog (although, I would think that my other one would be more suited to your liking as it's more... pessimistic, hateful and generally negative. Thank you nonetheless.


Michael said...

I meant 'your wife', but all the best to your mother as well.


thebonebreaker said...

Sorry to hear about the car accident - Glad to hear everyone is okay though!